Quality Yet Affordable Mink Blankets
Please Do Not Confuse Price with Quality
when Purchasing Your Mink Blanket

Mink Blankets are what we do! Much more will be said about “quality” but for right now we ask that you please do not think that all mink blankets feel the same and are of the same quality. It simply isn’t true. A cheap mink blanket or blanket throw will look terrible after only a few washings. On the other hand a premium grade mink blanket or blanket throw will look new after years of washings.

Cheap and poor quality mink blankets and blanket throws, or what is typically found in flea markets and now on E-Bay, simply cannot compare with premium quality blankets. There really is a difference.

Premium quality blankets cost more than other blankets, but there really is very little comparison between a premium quality blanket or blanket throw and what most other companies are selling online. One will immediately see what we are talking about as soon as the 2 different blankets are compared. There truly is a difference between a cheap, poor quality blanket and a more expensive, premium quality blanket.

Hopefully, without sounding too patronizing and condescending, there really is no just thing as a “free lunch”.

What is a Mink Blanket?

Mink blankets, commonly referred to as “faux mink” blankets or “faux fur blankets, are not what their name implies. They have nothing to do with real mink fur or any other fur for that matter.

Instead, every mink blanket or throw blanket, whether it is a Korean mink blanket, a Chinese mink blanket or any other blanket from one of the hundreds or so mink blanket manufacturers around the world, is made out of some sort of synthetic material, primarily acrylic. The typical make-up of a mink blanket or throw blanket is 85% acrylic and l5% polyester. The acrylic supplies the “softness” while the polyester keeps the mink blanket or throw blanket from wrinkling.

Mink Blankets and Blanket Throws
are Very Soothing and Relaxing To The Touch

Even though the material is a synthetic acrylic, and not actually real “mink”, they are called mink blankets to conjure up the image of something very, very soft. And that they are! Sleeping under a premium grade mink blanket or simply wrapping up in a throw blanket is very soothing and relaxing, so much in fact, that most people find the experience difficult to put into words.

Korea and China Started the Mink Blanket Craze

The Koreans and Chinese started the whole trend of soft acrylic blankets and even came up with the term, “mink blanket”. Even though you can find a mink blanket manufacturer in many, many different countries, most mink blankets are manufactured in Korea and China. As a result, Korean blankets and Chinese blankets probably make up 90% of the world’s mink blankets.

Many other customers equate quality with a “Korean mink blanket” as if blankets from other countries are inferior. Whereas some of the finest mink blankets are Korean blankets, Korea certainly doesn’t produce the only premium grade blanket.

Korean Mink Blankets are the Most Common

Korean mink blankets and blanket throws are probably the most common mink blankets found in the United States due to the tens of thousands of military people stationed in Korea over the past 50 years. Once a new soldier discovers how soft and luxurious one of these Korean blankets are, invariably they bring home a number of them for friends and family when they return home. As a result, it seems as if a quarter of all homes in the US has at least one Korean blanket in it and at least half the people are at least familiar with Korean mink blankets.

This isn’t to say that Korea is the only country that manufactures quality blankets; it’s just that until recently, most mink blankets imported into the US were Korean blankets. This is slowly changing, especially with China’s emergence as a global exporter. As a result, Chinese mink blankets are becoming more and more common.

Not All Mink Blankets and Blanket Throws are Created Equal

We keep on referring to “premium” and “quality” because acrylic mink blankets are not all created equal. There really is a difference, especially when you first touch one. One mink blanket can be much softer than another one.

However, just as important in determining the quality of a mink blanket or throw blanket is what it looks like after dozens of washings. This is where the quality of the acrylic comes into play. Cheap or poor quality mink blankets or blanket throws will look “worn” after only a few washings. Quality mink blankets and blanket throws on the other hand, will look brand new after dozens and dozens of washings. In other words, a quality mink blanket or throw blanket should look like new after years of washings.

It is not uncommon for us to hear from customers who have had their mink blanket or blanket throw for 20 years or more! We here this most commonly involving Korean mink blankets. It’s not that a Korean mink blanket is necessarily better than, say a Chinese mink blanket, it’s just that soldiers have been bringing back these Korean blankets for decades after having been stationed in Korea during their tour of duty.

Our Korean Blankets Are Some of the Best

Of the 200 or so Korean mink blanket manufacturers, three of them unquestionably make the finest quality blankets and blanket throws. These three companies are: Golden Bear, Solaron, and Wonu. Year after year, these three Korean mink blanket lines are ranked up with the highest quality lines in the world.

Excluding blankets from these three Korean blanket companies, the vast majority of blankets coming out of Korea are of poor to medium quality. There must be at least 50 Korean blanket lines presently being imported into the US. However, you simply will not find a better Korean mink blanket than those from these three manufacturers. These blankets may cost a bit more than other blankets, but there really is very little comparison between premium grade blankets and what most every other company will try to sell you. You will immediately see what we are talking about as soon as you take your blanket out of the bag. There truly is a difference!

We have other Premium Mink Blankets from the Middle East and China

As mentioned earlier, Korea doesn’t make the only premium grade blankets. As a matter of fact, it is widely known that some of the best, if not THE best blanket acrylic is produced by Bayer Aspirin’s textile company in Bayer Germany. The trade mark name is called “Dralon” and is considered by many to be the best acrylic for blankets. Our Middle Eastern Manufacturer imports this acrylic to make what some consider the finest quality blanket in the world. This particular manufacturer makes most of our premium grade queen sized animal designs and most of our premium grade solids.

In addition to this Middle Eastern blanket line using the Bayer’s “Dralon” acrylic, we also have a pastel colored Chinese blanket line that rivals this Middle Eastern manufacturer line as far as softness and luxuriousness.

In Summary, There Really is a Difference in Quality

In summary, there really is a difference in quality among the many different brands of mink blankets available today. Unfortunately, words and pictures will never reveal how fabulous most of our blankets truly are: you simply must “experience” one for yourselves to fully appreciate what we are saying. The incredibly soft, plush, acrylic fibers, the rich, vibrant colors, the luster and the sheen of the material, all help to make our blankets truly unforgettable.

In short our “premium grade” mink blankets cost more than lesser quality ones, including our “standard” quality line, but from the very first time you see and touch one, you will understand why. You simply will not find softer, better quality “mink” blankets anywhere!