Blanket Product Care

Product Care for Blankets & Throws  

FloralBlanketOur “mink” blankets can be either machine-washed or professionally dry-cleaned.

Unlike the blankets that most of us have had in the past that tend to clump up and become dull after washing, our blankets will look very close to brand new for years even after multiple washings, IF you follow our care instructions.

We recommend using the same procedures one would use in cleaning any other fine washable:  using a mild soap and cold water, setting your machine on “gentle cycle”, and “tumble dry”, using no heat!

We can’t over emphasize that last statement enough about using no heat, both in the water and in the dryer, to keep your blanket looking like new for years to come, even after many washings! (Using heat will make the long acrylic fibers “clump” together.)

Setting your washing machine on “gentle” cycle” is also extremely important.

Your mink blanket will actually be softer after you wash it. A “starch like” substance called “sizing” is used in manufacturing and removing it will make your blanket even more plush and comfortable.

Some people prefer professional dry cleaning. We simply suggest making sure the dry cleaner you select has experience in this kind of product. Although your mink blanket is very easily cleaned, we would not want someone “practicing” on your beautiful blanket!

UnicornBlanketHanging Instructions

Many people use our mink blankets for wall hangings. Being so lightweight, we suggest simply using small finish nails to hang them on the wall. Although one could make a mounting bracket that the blanket would attach to, it is much easier simply to nail it to the wall using small finish nails.

However, if you prefer, it would be almost as easy to simply staple  or nail the blanket to a piece of thin molding and then mount this to the wall.

Mounting it to brick or concrete is a bit more difficult. We recommend asking someone at Home Depot or any other hardware store for suggestions.


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