Why You Can Have Confidence in our Company

Mink Blankets is part of Home Decor International, Inc.. We have been selling the world’s finest sheepskins, cowhide rugs and alpaca fur rugs for over 25 years.

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Premium Quality CowhidesWhy should you buy from us?

How can you as a new customer have confidence in dealing with our company?

These are questions that we have attempted to answer here. Forgive us for being so wordy. However, we feel that if you have clicked on this link in the first place, you may be a bit leery in dealing with a “strange” company for the first time.
Hopefully, after reading this, we will have given you the confidence to do just that. In addition, if you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free in either calling us, toll free, or emailing us.

Both, our toll free number and “contact us” link,  are located at the top right of each page.

The Internet Can Be Scary

Let’s face it. Ordering off the internet can be Scaaarrrrrrrry! Questions like:

Who are these guys?
How can I trust them?
What if I don’t like my product?
Will I ever see my merchandise?
What do they do with my personal information?
Is it going to be a hassle returning things if I don’t like it?

We could add about 10 more pertinent questions but I think it is clear that ordering from a strange company for the first time can make us a bit “anxious”, to say the least.

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Everybody Makes Mistakes

Even the best companies make mistakes. However, it’s not the mistakes that concern people. It’s how companies handle the mistakes!

Unfortunately, many companies today think that simply apologizing will fix a mistake.

Personally, if there were a choice between “someone apologizing for a mistake” and “having that mistake corrected to one’s satisfaction”, we believe that most people would prefer to have the “mistake” corrected.  We at minkblankets.com “Fix the Problem”!

Superior Customer Service SealWe feel very strongly about this concept. We make every effort to not only take responsibility for our mistakes, but to also correct them to “the satisfaction of our customer”!

How Do We Handle Mistakes?

As hard as we try, we still are occasionally making mistakes. However, when we find out, we try to fix the mistake immediately. Not only that, but if it is a glaring mistake, we really try to go the extra mile. This, along with a belief in treating people like we would like to be treated, has helped build a very loyal customer base.

The bottom line is, we try extremely hard to give all of our customers great customer service!

A Company’s Customers Provide the Clue

However, words are cheap. Unlike Ebay, which provides a system of rating sellers based on their actions and not on what they say, there isn’t a system that can rate an Internet business’s service and product line.

How can you, a prospective new customer have confidence in a company or an individual who just might be saying what any customer would like to hear? Very simple! Find out what that company’s customers think!

The only assurance that a new customer can have concerning the integrity of a company and the quality of its products is to know what it’s customers have to say and think. This is the reason why we have provided over 50 actual testimonials from satisfied customers…all very pleased with our service and the quality of our products.

Actual Testimonials

Cowhide Rug Testimonials

Superior Customer Service

From Kathie in Kansas City, Missouri
I would like to commend you on the professional way that you handle your business!  I shop a lot on-line and found that the way you conduct business is top notch.

You sent an e-mail to confirm my order, an e-mail when my order shipped (along with tracking abilities), and an e-mail to make sure I was satisfied.  My order was shipped quickly and received in excellent condition.  I will definitely order from you again.

Thanks…..Kathie Collins

From Michelle in Strongsville, Ohio
Dear Earl,

I would just like to say that your customer service has been outstanding.  The communication you keep with your customers is like no other company I have ever dealt with.  The rug is beautiful as well.

Thank you!

From Hillary in Brighton, Mass.
Dear Earl,

I would like to express how grateful I am for the close attention that you give to your orders and customers. Originally, I had planned on buying a blanket for my sister as a Christmas present. However you have inspired me to also purchase one for myself after the holidays.

I am sincere when I say I look forward to doing business with you again.

Hillary xxxx

From Jean W. in Phoenix
Mr. Ward,

I just could not let you sit with out a response to your email. I am exceptionally happy with the service and merchandise, your items are no less than exceptional!

To tell the truth the price of all your products seem to be right in line as well. When I purchase a blanket from you I know what I am going to receive is something completely unique and wonderful and things like that are important to me.

I also know that the service is going to be as special as your products although I think you may worry too much but that is also a part of your charm.

I hope that I was able to put your mind at rest and I am sure the rest of your clientele feels the same as I do. Talk with you soon!…..Jean xxxxx

From Casey in Forrest, Virginia
Hello. I’m writing to thank you for the excellent service and wonderful product I received from your company.

I ordered a 2-ply mink blanket from you last week and received it today. The quality of the blanket is superb, and the care you have for your customers is apparent in both the letters that came with the blanket and the emails I received confirming the purchase and shipment of my order.

Yours is definitely a company I would recommend to others in the future!
Thanks again…..Casey

From Hillary again
Dear Earl,

You are making it extremely difficult for other companies to compare to your attentiveness and consideration. You’re a good business man Earl. I would bet that way more than “some” of your customers are very pleased.

The blanket is simply luxurious! I couldn’t be more pleased!

Best regards….. Hillary


From Jeff in Monroe, Michigan
Thank you for the follow up on this order. I feel that my experience with your company has been most enjoyable! The quality of the product that I received was of the utmost.

Again thank you for doing business at the level that all should obtain…..Jeff

From Greg in Ashburn, Virginia
Thanks again Earl.  I know she will LOVE it.

Looking forward to sending you more business in the future.  And, I really think you have the best service and follow-up of any internet vendor in the business (and I do a lot of business with many of them)!

I will refer you to others as I am already doing…..Greg  xxxxxxx

From Mike in Detroit, Michigan
Hello Earl

Last week, my wife “suggested” that she would like a soft, cuddly leopard print blanket  for her birthday.  After wearing myself out trying to find one around town, I decided to try searching on the internet.

Being very skeptical about ordering off the internet, I started reading your “Customer Testimonials”. After reading some of these  great comments, I decided to go ahead and get the blanket from you folks.

If your blanket is half as good as your customer service and follow-up, I will be thrilled!

Thanks,…..Mike xxxxxx


From Judy in White Stone, Virginia
Dear Earl,
Thank you so much for your help!

I am not used to such personal and professional attention over the phone and via email.  It was comforting dealing with you. It’s  also nice to know that someone truly appreciates our order!

Thanks,…..Judy xxxxxxxx

From Vic In wash D.C.
I really appreciated you calling and talking with me the other day.  You just don’t find that in business today.  For starts I thought that was “great”!  You taking the time to call and speak with a potential customer and listen to my concerns was a first.

Looking forward to more business with you. Thanks again for the great customer service……Vic

From Tim in San Francisco
Morning  Earl,

Thanks so much for the email. I really appreciate both the service as well as the product. I have to say that I’ve never had customer service that has been this good.

I can see you have “pride of ownership” for which I can truly appreciate. You have a fan!

Cheers!…..Tim D

From Beverly in Washington, D.C.
Hello Earl,

I received both blankets and they are both absolutely beautiful! I liked them and talked about them so much I had to take one to work & show my co-workers who all loved it.

I also raved about you and your absolutely stunning customer service. I have never worked with a vendor more knowledgeable about his product and caring enough to be sure that the customer would be happy with it even before it was shipped!

You can count on me for recommendations anytime. Actually I have already recommended your product to anyone within hearing distance since I began working with you……Beverly xxxx


From Dennis in Cedarburg, Wisconsin
Dear Mr. Ward,

I was very impressed with your follow-up phone calls. That is quite unusual in this day & age. It means to me that you really care about your business & your customers.

Keep up the great work & I hope to tell a lot more people about your site.  Hopefully, I can send more orders you way!!

Thank you…..Dennis Herbst

From Marie in San Pablo, California

My beautiful custom cat rug arrived safely and I am very happy with it!  I found you to be very pleasant to work with and more than willing to go all out to make a rug to my specifications.

It is a pleasure to work with someone who wants to be so helpful. Today, too many people working in stores, etc., make you feel like it’s an imposition if you just ask them a question.

As far as I am concerned, your firm gets an A+ for quality of work and attitude of personnel.  Anything more I can say or do, please let me know.  I’d be happy to promote your company and your product.

thanks again…….Marie xxxxxx

From Dave in  Yorba Linda, California
Thanks Earl,

We have just received all three blankets and are enjoying them very much! The quality is great and are extremely comfortable. Thanks for excellent customer service. Your personal touch is a rarity in business these days. Keep up the good work.

Dave xxxxxxxxx

From  David and Vickie in NAS Lemoore, California
Hello Earl,
I just wanted to thank you for your honesty and good business integrity concerning  my recent order.

On 4 Aug 01, I purchased a sheepskin rug from your web site. Your site had two prices for the same rug: one low, and one very high. When I ordered the rug online, the very high price showed up on the order form. I really wanted the rug for what ever the price was.

I received a phone call on 5 Aug 01 from Earl, who  I think  is the owner of the business, letting me know the price that was on my order was wrong. I thought “great, now it’s going to be even more money!”.

But it was good news! It was less and it was much less!. It was the original low price that I had first seen.

He explained that his web designer had just changed shopping carts and some of the item prices had been entered incorrectly. The item I ordered, was one of them.

Your honesty on not charging me the higher original purchased priced, but charging me the adjusted amount was greatly appreciated. Thank You very much and I will continue to do business with you in the future.

David & Vicki Potter

From Trudy in Oregon
Thanks for your quick response and great service! The larger rug was already a bit smaller than we were looking for so I will go ahead and cancel the order. I’ll look forward to doing business with you in the future!
Best, Trudy xxxxx


From Luis in Orlando
Hello Mr. Ward,

My name is Luis xxxx. I recently placed an order for a 4′ and a 5′ sheepskin star.

Thank you for your honesty this morning, concerning the sheepskin rugs I ordered.

After discussing this with my wife, I have decided to cancel on both of the sheepskins. We decided to wait until a later time to order the lambskin that you suggested.

You can be assured that we will return to your company. We like your excellent customer service, personalized care making sure that the customer has picked an appropriate item for themselves, and lastly, unmatched value.

Sincerely Thankful,…..Luis xxxxx

From June in Kenosha, Wisconsin

Just received the blanket.  It’s wonderful!

I want to thank you for your superb customer service and concern for my satisfaction!  I have already recommended your company and will continue to do so to anyone in the market for a blanket.

Thanks again!…..June xxxxxxxx

From Holly in Newark, Illinois 
I  want to thank you for such amazingly good service.  I do a lot of online shopping and have never run into someone who was so willing to go out of their way for a customer.  Thanks!

Because of that I will most certainly be a repeat customer.

Regards….. Holly

From Michelle in Hillsboro, Ohio
I thank you so very much for your help and taking the time out of your busy schedule to talk to little ole’ me.  It’s hard to find people that genuinely care about what they do these days.

I really appreciated that, and will do business with you again, not only because I like your business and your products, but because of your overall business attitude.


Superior Blanket Quality 

From Sandy in Ohio
Dear Earl,
I want you to know how completely satisfied I am with the two animal print “mink” blankets I ordered from you. I am an avid collector of these blankets, and yours are the very best quality that I have found anywhere.

l would like to add that I am very satisfied with the way you conduct your business, with very quick response and  good service.

Sincerely….. Sandy

From Sky in Australia
Dear Earl,

I received my blanket 5 days ago. It is absolutely the best blanket I have ever used! Thanks for all the help during the ordering process.

Yours Sincerely…..Sky

From Evelyn in Riverhead, NY
Dear Earl

Thanks for the email.  I absolutely LOVE my mink blanket.  It’s warm and snuggly and comfy-cozy.  I can’t wait till it’s really cold outside and I can just luxuriate under my leopard mink blanket, snug as a bug in a rug.

I have been telling everyone about it, in fact just today I brought it in to work to show my co-worker.  I also gave her the website and she may be ordering a blanket soon, she loves it too.

Regards….. Evelyn

From Linda in Chicago
Hi, Earl –

I received the two blankets yesterday and are they the prettiest yet!  I can’t decide if I like them more than the animal print blankets but honestly, they are just too good to put into words.  Thanks for working your magic on my behalf.

Take care of yourself.  I’m sure you’ll be hearing from me.

Thanks Again!…..Linda

From Linda Again
Hi, Earl –

Thanks so much for giving me my first choice!  You are a doll to work with and I will be coming back to make more orders in the future.

As you can tell, once I find a great product I continue to find ways to share it with others.  And communicating with you is always a pleasure.

Thanks again…..Linda


From Beverly in Washington, D.C.
Hello Earl,

I received both blankets and they are both absolutely beautiful! I liked them and talked about them so much I had to take one to work & show my co-workers who all loved it!

Thanks so much!…..Beverly

From Albert in Chalmette, Louisiana
Just wanted to tell you that my wife loved the mink blanket. I’m sure I’ll be ordering more, everyone who touches it wants to keep it. She has trouble getting it away from the kids. (I know what the kids are getting for their birthdays!)

Thanks again for your assistance and your prompt service. You have an excellent product.

Albert Clavin

From Tim In Minneapolis, Minnesota
My wife adores her Zebra Mink Blanket. She cuddles in it while she reads at night and doesn’t know how she ever got by without one.

Just recently, I had to take a day off from work due to a bout with the Flu and fell in love with it; my feet no longer are in danger of  being left out in the cold when I move around on the sofa.

Warmly and Snuggly Yours,
Tim and Carol Wallin

From Jeremy in Evans, Geogia
I am very pleased, I have others that were purchased in Korea; and they
don’t match the smooth texture, or design, of your blanket. I appreciate
your concern and customer service, very rare.

Thank You!…Jeremy Wise

From Lyn in Tampa, Florida
Our blanket is absolutely the best..I love it, actually we both do. We fight over who has more of it at night…we are now talking about getting another as soon as we have the extra money.

Thank You….. Lyn

From Sandy again
Hello Earl,

Just wanted to say thanks again for your personal service, and the highest quality of your merchandise. Could not wait to give my daughter her blanket for Xmas, she loves it so much! As you know this is my third blanket from you. I watch your site closely to see if you get new ones, which I will buy.

The one thing that amazes me the most about your blankets is the “warmth”. I have to confess I like the feel so much that it is the only thing that covers me at night. It is very cold here in Ohio in the winter, and I was so surprised I needed no other blankets or bedspreads.

As I told you before, I have a very expensive double thick mink blanket my son purchased for me when he was in Korea. I love it dearly, but it is not a warn blanket at all, nor nearly as soft as yours. Anyone purchasing one of your mink blankets will be wonderfully surprised and pleased.

I will always check your web site in the hopes of more wonderful blankets. I do very much prefer the ones I got from you last time as compared to the ones I bought somewhere else-they are the best I have, and as I told you I collect them.

Also the way you do your business is to be highly commended. A#1 Top Notch  Merry Christmas to you!!

PS-folks please do e-mail me about these incredible blankets if you wish. Gabisan3@aol.com


From Tim In San Francisco
Dear Earl –

Being someone who rarely orders products sight unseen, I was more than pleasantly surprised when I received my first mink blanket from you. The blanket is wonderful!  I used it last night given the cool air in SF these days.

Friends of mine had mentioned how incredibly soft and warm your blankets were. After receiving my leopard print blanket,  I know first hand just how amazing your blankets truly are – I’ll never use another type of blanket moving forward!…..Tim D

From Beverly in Washington, D.C.
Hello Earl,

I received both blankets and they are both absolutely beautiful! I liked them and talked about them so much I had to take one to work & show my co-workers who all loved it.

I also raved about you and your absolutely stunning customer service. I have never worked with a vendor more knowledgeable about his product and caring enough to be sure that the customer would be happy with it even before it was shipped!

You can count on me for recommendations anytime. Actually I have already recommended your product to anyone within hearing distance since I began working with you.

Thanks again…..Beverly


From Diane in Chicago
Hi, Earl –

Just a note to say I did, in fact, receive the blanket and rug.  What a joy!  The blanket is just as lovely as you said it would be and the rug…words just can’t describe how nice I find it.

My two cats are in love with it.  One is trying to dominate the other by claiming the rug as his own!  (Imagine!)  Anyway, thanks so much for your customer service, your kind spirit and above all your ethics.  You have a good thing going and I appreciate it

Diane xxx

From Leisa  in Deatsville, Alabama
Hi Earl,

I received the blankets on Thursday just as you said I would. THANK YOU!!!!  They are absolutely gorgeous!

I know that they are the perfect gift and that the recipients will love them also.   More than likely you’ll be hearing from me in the future and my family as well!!

Again, THANK YOU!!!!!…..Leisa xxxxxx

From Holly in Newark, Illinois
Mr. Ward,

Yes, I did receive my blanket and wow!  I absolutely love it!  I will undoubtedly order more of these, I just hope you have them available.

Holly xxxxxxx


From Pat in Herndon, Virginia
Thank you for your inquiry. I received the blanket and was exceptionally
pleased by the quality. You will have my business again….Pat



From John in Colorado Springs, Colorado
Hi Earl,

Yes!!!  My 14 year old daughter was elated with the Unicorn Blanket, She is on a Unicorn kick. My younger daughter picked out a bedspread at a local linen store. Needless to say, after she saw your blanket, the local store had a return.

We are very pleased with the product we purchased.  The quality, design and softness is unmatched with anything we’ve shopped for!  I am recommending you web site to anyone looking for such products.

Thank goodness for Search Engines on the WEB.  We will
definitely purchase from you again…..John xxxxx

From Aileen in Chula Vista, California
Hi Earl,

The blanket was a hit with Jason!  He said he never thought there was such a creation so luxurious.  He loves it — more than his down comforter (which was more expensive than the mink blanket).  I hope your business continues to be successful for a very long time, as I intend to continue being your customer.  If you need a recommendation for the Chinese Mink Blanket, I know one man, who wouldn’t mind giving one.



From Michelle in Hillsboro, Ohio
The blanket is beautiful and sits at the foot of my bed.  I’ve caught my fiancé’ snuggled up in it 3 times already.  You are correct, they are beautiful.  I was very skeptical when I ordered it, and wasn’t too sure about what to expect, but when it arrived, I couldn’t wait to try it out.  The white blanket is perfect for our decor, and I absolutely love it.

Thanks again, and we’ll be doing business very soon as I’m wanting another blanket, white, only 2 ply this time, when you can get your hands on one, let me know……Michelle

From Lacy in Colorado Springs, Colorado
Hello Earl,
I am very very pleased with the frog blanket.  We have been looking for a blanket with frogs for the past year and have not been able to find one.  It is being put in a bedroom with a frog theme.  You were the only one I could find with that theme other than as a baby blanket.

I was a bit shocked at the price of the blanket but since it was a gift for my boyfriend and we had been looking for so long, I went along with it.  When it came, I understood immediately why it was that price due to the soft plush materials it was made of.  When he opened the gift, he almost fainted dead away because I had actually found one and of such quality as well.  The look on his face was worth it all!

I wanted to take the time to thank you for such a wonderful quality blanket and that you actually have one with a frog theme.

Many thanks to you…..Laci

From Honorio in Carson, California
Sorry it took so long to respond to your e-mail.   I have been quite busy.

I do want to tell you folks how much I liked your product, the frog blanket.   It was a Valentine’s Day gift for my girlfriend, who is in love with all things froggy.   Matter of fact, even though she received the cleaning instructions, she is quite hesitant to wash the blanket for fear that the vibrant colors might still somehow fade.   I was quite pleased that the blanket was exactly as you’ve advertised it on your website.

I will definitely come a-knockin’ next time I need to give someone a present.

Thank you very much.

From Johnny in Gold Canyon, Arizona
Greetings Mr. Ward,

We compared your blanket with our Korean blanket which she likes so much.
We are most please with the comparison.

We received the blanket just in time; tonight will be the coldest evening
of the winter, here in Arizona.

Thank you for your great service and on-going communications.  I hope to do more business with your firm in the future.

Thanks…..Johnny Tucker


Superior Fur Rug Quality

From Lyn in Chicago
Hello Earl,

It’s absolutely the best..I love it actually we both do we fight over who has more of it at night…we are now talking about getting another as soon as we have the extra Thank You…. Lyn

From Lacy in Peoria, Illinois
Hi Earl,

We received our rugs and they look BEAUTIFUL! The rugs match beautifully and their quality is unparalleled. We just wanted to say thank you for all the helpful information you gave us.

It really made us aware of what to look for in a sheepskin rug. Your great prices and honesty resulted in our purchasing rugs from you. We are already trying to find out where else we can put another rug, so you may hear from us again! Thank you for everything…..Lacy

From Christopher In Spokane, Washington

I have been very pleased with my lambskin rug, soft and comfortable, and my girlfriend likes its even more!  I will recommend your company to my friends.  Worth every penny.

Best Regards….. Captain Thompson

From Sandy from Los Angeles, California 
Hello Earl,

Got the rug and it was too nice to let the kids yuk up with food and dirt. It is in my bedroom.  I love it.

If I had one choice I would have liked it more Champaign.  It is a bit white.  It is so soft my little granddaughter tried to make snow angles on it.

Thanks so much.  I will be back….Sandy Conklin

From Greg in Ashburn, Virginia
Dear Earl,

By the way, my daughter LOVED the cat rug.  Can’t get it away from her.  I’ll be back to your web site soon, have some birthday’s coming up.

Best regards…..Greg

From Lyn in Chicago, IL
It’s absolutely the best..I love it actually we both do we fight over who has more of it at night…we are now talking about getting another as soon as we have the extra Thank You….  Lyn

From Kris in Bellevue, Wash.
We just love our rug!   The kids and I spend time on it together every
day after work/school.  The baby especially likes to lay her soft little
face on it.

Thank you so much for the recommendation on this vs. the
alpaca, it really suits our lifestyle better (given our hardwood floor)
and I appreciate that you took the high road and talked us into the wool
even though it was a less expensive purchase.

The rug is excellent quality (many compliments) and your service and
follow-up was phenomenal.  I felt you were our ‘rug consultant’ vs.
‘salesman’.   I’ve given your name to a friend who
will be placing an order with you shortly.

Thanks again, will order from you again when we decide on another
location in the house….Kris

From Rich in Alexandria, Va.
We are very pleased with the sheepskin rug. The quality is superb and very plush. Does this same rug come in medium brown color? Thanks….Rich

From Jill in Las Vegas, Nevada
Yes Earl,

The rug is great!  Maybe in the future when it needs replacing I
will have some custom made in the shapes that are rectangle.
In the meantime, it is great.  I especially enjoy it in the am on my toes!!


From Anonymous:

I LOVE the sheepskin rug. It is better than I thought it would be. I can’t wait to give it to my husband on Christmas.

Thank you for providing such a wonderful product!

From Dennis in Cedarburg, Wisconsin
Dear Mr. Ward,

Received my sheepskin rug this last Thursday. It is beautiful!! It is actually much nicer than what I thought it would be. I will be placing another order in the next few days.

Also, I told my daughter about your site & she saw items that she will probably be ordering. Also told a few other people about it also, so I hope you get some more sales from this.

I was especially impressed with your follow-up phone calls. That is quite unusual in this day & age. It means to me that you really care about your business & your customers.

Keep up the great work & I hope to tell a lot more people about your site.  Hopefully, I can send more orders you way!!

Thank you…..Dennis Herbst

From Marie in San Pablo, California

Just a quick note to let you know that my beautiful custom cat rug arrived safely and I am very happy with it!