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Our mink blanket lines consists of many different colors and over 30 different popular collectible designs of some of the softest and most luxurious  blankets you will find anywhere! In addition to our solid colors, we have  dolphins, tigers, lions, leopards, zebras, black panthers, wolves, suns and moons, parrots, frogs, and many more.

What makes our acrylic mink blankets so plush?

FeatureBlock_PremiumDesignsIt’s the fiber! The quality of a blanket is mostly determined by the quality of its  fiber. Even though all manufacturers have access to superior acrylic, most manufacturers use lower priced acrylic to lower the cost of the blanket. Most of the cost of a blanket is determined by the cost of the material. Lower priced acrylic, and subsequently, lower priced blankets result in lower quality blankets.

Even though most people determine quality by softness, their are actually much more important characteristics that determine quality other than softness. The true key to quality is what the blanket looks like after if has been washed a number of times.

Blankets made from superior acrylic will look like new even after many, many washings. They will not fade, shrink, “draw” up at the borders, or exhibit any other characteristic that lower priced, poorer quality blankets will have.

Our four or five product lines all use superior quality acrylic. Whether our blankets come from Korea, China or the Middle East, each one will look like new after many, many washings. And again, this “washability” factor is the true mark of quality, assuming the blanket looks nice and is unusually soft.

As a side note, many of our “premium” grade animal designs are made from acrylic from Germany’s world famous Bayer Manufacturing Company, producers of “Dralon” acrylic, internationally recognized as some of the  softest, most luxurious blanket acrylic fiber in the world! (Bayer textile Company is actually a subsidiary of the Bayer Aspirin  Pharmaceutical Company.)

We will be carrying a “premium” quality” line of solid colored blankets from China that are literally the softest blankets we have ever felt! Period! Even though they are made in China, the manufacturer imports both the machinery and acrylic fiber from Japan. Japan is recognized to produce the best blanket machinery and some of the best blanket acrylic found anywhere.

Our four Korean blanket manufacturers, in turn, use the best available acrylic in Korea.  Companies like “Golden Bear”,”Solaron”, and “Wonu” far and away make the best Korean blankets in the premium category.  Even our economy Korean blankets are far superior than most other Korean blankets because of the superior quality acrylic.

In a nutshell, you simply will not believe how soft, cuddly and beautiful our mink blankets are! Other than our lines, no other blanket lines that we know of can compare in either softness or beauty, much less having both qualities in the same line. When you look at our colors and designs, all comparison stops. See for yourself.

Most all other mink blankets from Korea or China cannot compare. The San Marcos or Novatex blankets from Mexico cannot compare. Neither can the blankets from Ibena, Biederlack, or Fingerhut compare to our mink blankets in overall softness, washability, beauty, colors, designs, or quality.

As a side note, many of our mink blankets will actually feel softer once they have been washed. this is especially true of our blankets with the German “Dralon” acrylic in them. Some blanket manufacturers apply a starch-like substance known as “sizing” to the acrylic to facilitate the manufacturing process. Washing removes this substance, leaving a softer blanket!

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